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Thank you for visiting Zoo Tycoon Unleashed!

Zoo Tycoon Unleashed has been running since 2003. We have a popular forum which provides a place for Zoo Tycoon fans worldwide to meet up and discuss all aspects of the Zoo Tycoon Games, not to mention all the useful guides to help us through those difficult challenges!

We pride ourselves on being a family friendly site and have members of all ages. We welcome all new members and would love to have you join our community!


We also have our own Downloads Database which contains various different user made downloads for both ZT1 and ZT2! Head over to the Zoo Tycoon Unleashed Forums to check them out!


What our members say:

The articles I've read are great. There's lots of info for everybody, from beginners to technical stuff for advanced.

The Admin and Staff are the most patient and helpful folk, and goodness me, I do require a lot of patience and help from time to time!

I felt like I belonged here and had fit in when I had been here less than a week !

This is the friendliest and best online community I have been on

Wow.. what a great discovery this site is! Thanks for building and maintaining! I'm learning sooo much!

My 10 year old was searching the Internet for Zoo Tycoon downloads. She begged me for two days to let her join this site, so I finally sat down and reviewed it (for approval first) and after getting into the game myself, allowed her to sign up. Thanks for making it so family friendly. ,


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